My name is Lilou Sticks and for the moment, I have nowhere to call home.

So everyday, I read, take pictures, watch films, eat cinnamon buns and cookies, go to museums, drink blue water, walk, I walk a lot, a whole lot, look at mirrors, listen to music, touch fabrics, taste and smell everything around me.

This is how I am trying to remember where I come from.

If you feel the same way I do, let’s try to find our homes together.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi everybody,

If you are thinking: “Oh Lilou did a disappearing act again” you are wrong because I am no good at magic.

But I am good at explanations.

So here’s how it is:

I have been trying to write a book for you.

The problem is, every time I start, I crumple my paper up and throw it away.

I have so much to say and I don’t know how to say it and it is making me very flustered indeed!

If you are thinking: “Oh, well there is nothing we can do about that”, you are wrong because without you, there is no me!

So if you can do something for me I would be very grateful indeed.


I will write back in a bit.
A big kiss from me to you.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Don't worry...

Did I ever tell you about my eyes in the morning?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and my eyes are so puffy that it hurts too much to open them and it hurts too much to keep them closed. So I have to keep them open-closed just the right amount. I can’t see much but I can see a bit. Blurry.

It’s ok though because they start to open right before lunchtime and then things start to clear up just fine.

It’s because I sleep with my eyes open.  Did I ever tell you that?
They don’t start out that way, I close them to sleep, but soon enough they open on their own. It’s because my eyeballs are too big for my eyes lids to stay shut when I am not telling them to, and that is a fact.

Well this morning I woke up and the same thing happened but by lunchtime only one eye opened. The other one was still not feeling ready.
I went to the doctor and it turns out I have an eye infection.

It’s ok though because I have to wear an eye patch for three days and I look like a pirate and that is making me feel silly in a good way.
Quentin did not find it so funny. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What I think about this year.

It is still the middle of January so I think we are all still allowed to say what we think about this coming year.

Well here is what I think:

I think that last year was no good. No good at all. Not just for me. I asked around.
I think that 12 is a nicer number than 11.
I think this year will be different because I can feel it. I just can.
I think we should be explorers and inventors this year. But smart ones.
I think we should laugh more this year. It’s ok to be sad when it’s time to be sad, but we have to make up for last year. So tickle yourself if you have to.

Here is what I don’t think:

I don’t think the world is going to end and I’ll tell you why; for two reasons:

1.     I subscribed to The Cheese Club, they send me one new cheese a week and I still have 50 more cheeses left to try.

2.     Because we have a lot left to do and we are not ready for it to be over yet.

Also, I am not sure about this but Quentin said something about a misunderstanding with the Mayan calendar. I didn't really understand but what I did put together was that the world was going to be just fine.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Making New friends in the New Year

That night after the party Quentin walked me home and he came up to my house and sat with me a while and I was glad because I really did not want to be alone.

And let me tell you, I found out a lot about Quentin.

Quentin is a certified genius.

He is 12 years old and he is going to University next year. He wants to study biochemistry, he hopes that it will lead him into medicine but it doesn’t have to.
Quentin is fascinated with the way different organisms function. 
He got offered a scholarship at Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Oxford University and Université Pierre et Marie Curie. He has to pick one.

He reads a lot, a whole lot. 
He says he has trouble reading fiction but he is willing to open his mind if he thinks it’s worth it. So I told him about Goodnight Moon and he said he would check it out.

Quentin loves football and good food. He does not love when people laugh and sound like donkeys. He definitely does not love sorbet.

He has a good group of friends but he doesn’t tell secrets to ANYONE.
He speaks six languages in total:
French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Maltese.
His great great grandfather was a knight in shining armour in Malta, and that is a fact.

When he asked me about my family, I told him I don’t have one.
I don’t know who my father is and I don’t know who my mother is. I don’t have a grandfather who is famous or anything like that. 
All I know about me is that I am here and my name is Lilou.

He asked me how come I have money to pay for things, and my house. I told him how Zouzi invested in a computer company back in 2000.

We stayed and talked until 5:36 AM and then fell asleep. We woke up with light heads at 12:30 PM and went straight to the café to do something very important:

Friday, 13 January 2012

happy new year everybody !

How did you spend it?
Did you go to a party?
Did you dance all night?
Did you stay home and eat smoked salmon and caviar until you felt like a fish?
Did you stay in bed and eat pizza, drink Coca-Cola and fall asleep before midnight?
I was invited to Quentin’s house again for New Year’s Eve, but this time it was not a small family gathering it was a big, big party. Lots and lots of pretty people swirling around and drinking champagne. 

If you want gossip I can tell you this:

Quentin’s auntie threw a fit because her husband told her  she did not know the value of hard work. He also said that someone who buys five fur coats and accessories in less than 24 hours has addiction issues and that the excuse “I don’t want the animals to die in vain” was just ridiculous. 

Well she turned red red red and she had to be given some medicine to calm right down.

Quentin’s mamie spent most of the evening in the kitchen on the phone to her best friend Agathe, telling her how “they needed to lay low for the time being, just until she’s thought things through  more clearly.”

Quentin’s parents served lots of mini bites on mini toasts and they made us wear hats.

As for me, I sat next to Quentin most of the night. I was fine until the clock struck twelve and everybody shouted “Oh! Happy New Year!” so loud that I fell of my chair and I got nervous and then I remembered Zouzi. 
And I missed him terribly and I wondered what he was doing that night and I hoped that he was not alone even though he says he prefers it that way.

Then I had a tear, and then another and then another, until I couldn’t stop them even though I know it is not good to spoil peoples’ fun. Luckily people did not think I was crying they thought I was laughing and they started laughing with me. 
Not Quentin though, he knew that I was not laughing. 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Best Christmas ever!

The perfect Christmas

Ingredients (not in order of importance):

-       1 BIG turkey

-       A big bowl of mashed potatoes
-       A big plate of green beans, broccoli and Brussels Sprouts (these are optional because they give you bad breath)
-       Stuffing, stuffing and more stuffing

-       1 big bowl of mixed salad with mustard vinaigrette

-       1 big buche de Noel with a mini santa on it

-       45 Maron Glacé

-       1  Quentin.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's here !

Tonight is the 24th and it is the dinner and I have readied the wishing strings. I made 8.
One for Monsieur Bourbon, one for his Madame, one for Quentin, one for his aunite Maggie, and another for his other auntie Claire, One for his Grandmother Mamie, one for his uncle Louis, and finally one for me.

( I made one extra one for Santa Clause.)

I have picked my dress and my shoes and my bow. 

I am playing my favourite Christmas song Baby Its Cold Outside by the Glee Cast and maybe I am singing along in front of the mirror, maybe not.

I put out the milk and cookies and the wishing string in case Santa wants to come while I am at dinner. I am not going to put out the fire in the Chimney because Santa Clause has a fireproof suit so he will not get burned…Right? He has to be fire proof…well I can put it out just in case he wasn’t wearing his suit…

And tonight I am going to wear perfume.

Please wish me luck because this is my first formal Christmas dinner.

Monday, 19 December 2011

My present idea

I thought about it a lot.

The present I am going to bring for Quentin and his family on the Christmas Dinner.

And I have it!

I am going to give them each a piece of wishing string.

Ps. A wishing string is piece of string that is blue and it measures about 25 centimetres.

You have to tie it on your wrist and make a wish, when it breaks off, if my string works the way it is supposed to, your wish should come true.

What do you think?

Friday, 9 December 2011

Dear Santa Claus.

Here is my letter to Santa Clause. I sent it this morning.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Card week and a suprise.

This week was Christmas card week. 

But before I tell you about that, can I just remind you that Santa does exist and I have proof because his people are working a few steps away from my bedroom. This makes me feel like a Christmas cookie.

As for my Christmas cards, I have received 28. Here are five of my favourite ones.

This last one came in today and its from the owner of the Café under my house.

And look what it says:

Dear Lilou,

Please join us for Christmas dinner on the 24th of December 2011. We would love the pleasure of your company and look forward to feeding you and laughing with you.

Monsieur et Madame Bourbon (le papa et la maman de Quentin).

I did not feel like being alone this Christmas so I am going to go and I am gong to take them a present.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Got it!

It took 5 days of trying to stay awake, but I finally got a snapshot.

There they are.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Your never gonna believe me

I found a workshop behind my cabinet door in my kitchen under my toaster. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t. There is workshop behind that cabinet door and I am not quite sure what to do about this.
I know what you are thinking: Santa Claus’s workshop.
That’s exactly what it looked like.

But I know he does not exist because I caught Zouzi eating the cookies I left for him last Christmas and Zouzi said:
“I’m sorry Lilou.”

Here is what happened.

I was sitting in bed two nights ago, and remember how I told you I couldn’t sleep?
Well I decided I was so hungry that I just had to put something in my stomach.

So I did.

It was so quiet and the clock said 1:30 and that is when I heard a laugh, like a little funny giggle.
I looked outside the window but it was so still. No one was out there.

So I went back to sit down and again I heard more noises, and they were so strange. I stopped chewing and followed the sound. It was coming from under my toaster. 

There was a cabinet door but it was not a real one, I knew that it was shut tight.
I stuck my ears to the door and heard the noises. It sounded like music and bells and people. 

Even though I knew it was closed I opened it. It opened. And I fainted.

Then I woke up and looked again and I rubbed my eyes but the workshop was still there!
Lights, colors and it smelled like vanilla and there were little people wearing funny clothes and they were chatting and laughing and working and some were even dancing funny dances!

No one seemed to notice that I was looking at them from my kitchen cabinet!
Then I closed it. 

This morning I woke up on the kitchen floor.
I still don’t remember how or when I fell asleep.
Now the noise was gone and I tried opening the cabinet again but it was shut tight just like before.
I was not dreaming.
I was awake when I saw it and every time I think of it I get so excited I feel like I am going to faint again!
I am going to show you, I’m going to take a picture.

Last night waited in front of the cabinet, but I fell asleep.
I am going to try again tonight.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hi hi.

I have a lot to tell you about what's going on, I am not ready yet so just give me a little more time.

In the meantime I can tell you two things.

The first thing is:

Today five different people confused me for a famous person called "Danny Devito".
I never heard of him so I googled  him.

I don't think I look like him.

The second thing is:

I want to show you my dream Christmas house.

It's made out of ginger cookies and Oreos and M&Ms and lots of coloured candy and I love it and I want to live in it, and make cookies in it and sing in it, and then I want to fall asleep on a marshmallow.