My name is Lilou Sticks and for the moment, I have nowhere to call home.

So everyday, I read, take pictures, watch films, eat cinnamon buns and cookies, go to museums, drink blue water, walk, I walk a lot, a whole lot, look at mirrors, listen to music, touch fabrics, taste and smell everything around me.

This is how I am trying to remember where I come from.

If you feel the same way I do, let’s try to find our homes together.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's here !

Tonight is the 24th and it is the dinner and I have readied the wishing strings. I made 8.
One for Monsieur Bourbon, one for his Madame, one for Quentin, one for his aunite Maggie, and another for his other auntie Claire, One for his Grandmother Mamie, one for his uncle Louis, and finally one for me.

( I made one extra one for Santa Clause.)

I have picked my dress and my shoes and my bow. 

I am playing my favourite Christmas song Baby Its Cold Outside by the Glee Cast and maybe I am singing along in front of the mirror, maybe not.

I put out the milk and cookies and the wishing string in case Santa wants to come while I am at dinner. I am not going to put out the fire in the Chimney because Santa Clause has a fireproof suit so he will not get burned…Right? He has to be fire proof…well I can put it out just in case he wasn’t wearing his suit…

And tonight I am going to wear perfume.

Please wish me luck because this is my first formal Christmas dinner.

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