My name is Lilou Sticks and for the moment, I have nowhere to call home.

So everyday, I read, take pictures, watch films, eat cinnamon buns and cookies, go to museums, drink blue water, walk, I walk a lot, a whole lot, look at mirrors, listen to music, touch fabrics, taste and smell everything around me.

This is how I am trying to remember where I come from.

If you feel the same way I do, let’s try to find our homes together.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

"A good friend is cheaper than therapy"

Do you have a special friend, or special friends? Special people that you always find yourself missing?
Never forget how important they are to you and how important you are to them. Never forget they are there. We don’t live in the kindest of worlds and it can get pretty nasty sometimes. That’s why you need each other. Because it’s not fun to be alone out here, ask me, I know. So, if you can, go and give that person, or those people a hug today. Or send them one if they are not physically touchable right now. I think today they would like one. 

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  1. A moment of panic this morning; your blog dont appear soon

    poetic but a little bit naif.............

    je préfère m'exprime en français mais je fais un efort,